Philips celebrates 90 Years of Design

This year we are celebrating 90 Years of Design at Philips. For this occasion, 90 of Philips’ most memorable and iconic designs since 1925 have been published on a dedicated microsite. Learn, and be inspired about how design at Philips has contributed to improving people’s lives over the past 90 years.

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Celebrating 90 years of design at Philips

Celebrating 90 years of design at Philips

Among the unprecedented number of winners of the ‘Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015’, the stylish LumiStreet LED Roadlight picked up an award in the highest category ‘Red Dot: Best of the Best’, for top design quality and groundbreaking design.

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Creating a healthier future

Creating a healthier future - Inside Philips Design Healthcare

Sean Hughes, Chief Design Officer at Philips Design Healthcare, gives an inside look into the creative process behind our work. Find out how we create people-focused healthcare innovations.


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Experience Flows

Understanding people and their experiences to deliver meaningful innovations.


Making design a core function of this company improved collaboration among departments and transformed the way Philips does business.


Making Sense of the Chaos
From data mining to data meaning. A Philips Design introduction paper to data.