‘Eye of the beholder’ concept presented at Madridfusión 2011

Eye of the beholder


Multi-sensorial gastronomy was the subject of master chef Jean-Marie Arzak’s presentation at Madridfusión 2011 on January 27. Co-created between the Michelin 3-star chef and the Philips Design Probe team, the ‘eye of the beholder’ concept is the latest Multi-sensorial outcome of the Design Probe 'Food’. The project has been stretching ideas on food presentation and how tableware can respond to the presence of the diner as well as the food on the plate.


“Last year Arzak and Philips Design introduced three bone china concepts, designed to light-up when food is placed on the plate or liquid is poured into the bowl. “With the new generation of tableware, we touch the senses not only via light, but also via sound vibration and electrical current,” said Clive van Heerden, Senior Director Design-led Innovation at Philips Design.

The ‘eye of the beholder’ platter concept is a piece of interactive tableware designed for two or more people to eat from. A crystalline substructure changes appearance with moving images – evocative of fire, ice, water, etc. – which are designed to contrast or compliment the dishes served on the platter. Very sensitive temperature monitoring and an array of motion sensors, responsive to the utensils and the food, make the dining experience playful and surprising. Color, imagery and movement affect the appreciation of individual food items.

Jean-Marie Arzak presented the platter in a demonstration at Madridfusión which also included dishes prepared on Photoframes showing moving images of the sea and flames.


The Multi-sensorial gastronomy concepts provide aesthetic inspiration while stretching boundaries on how food is presented and experienced: how senses can be integrated to heighten the overall experience, where traditionally the focus has been on one.

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